Echolight is the first radiation-free solution for the diagnosis of osteoporosis in the lumbar
vertebrae and femoral neck.


A new concept of bone health

This marks the beginning of new way of managing assessment of bone condition through prevention, early diagnosis of osteoporosis, and monitoring of bone health in primary care, either comfortably in the clinic or directly in the patient’s bed at home.

R.E.M.S. Technology

Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry

Radiation-free technology for assessing bone density and quality on the lumbar vertebrae and proximal femur through a revolutionary approach to characterise bone microarchitecture using radio frequency signals acquired during a simple ultrasound scan. The method overcomes all the main limitations of DXA (DualEnergy X-ray Absorptiometry) and QUS (Quantitative Bone Ultrasound).

FDA Approved

The most advanced bone densitometer for bone health assessment for your daily clinical activities.

The most advanced bone densitometer for bone health assessment for your daily clinical activities. Through an ultrasound scan of axial anatomical sites such as the spine and femur, this innovative technology makes it possible to measure bone mineral density without using ionizing radiation, processing a true bone identity card. In addition to guaranteeing a high level of precision, it does not require radiological protection, is easy to use and its transportability facilitates its use in any diagnostic center.Moreover, the absence of radiation allows this method to be used in a heterogeneous variety of patients, including pediatric patients, patients at risk of secondary osteoporosis, diabetic patients, patients undergoing oncological treatment and pregnant women.        
Quick Scan

The ultrasound scan takes just 80 seconds for the spine and 40 seconds for the femur, therefore enabling an accurate prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of bone health without limitations relating to the positioning of the patient and manual image segmentation.A software-assisted rapid scan provides simultaneous acquisition of images and the corresponding radiofrequency signals

Report on the Spot

The exam generates an instant medical report that, in addition to including all the most commonly used parameters in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, such as BMD (g/cm2), T-score and Z-score, also includes an independent assessment of bone structure internal, which provides a frailty index and a body composition index


No, it is a safe, non-invasive and non-hazardous procedure. Echolight uses sound waves without harmful side effects and does not use ionizing radiation as an X-ray test does.

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to undergo the study..

Yes, but it is based on our scheduled patients, Walk-ins are accommodated on an availability basis. Remember, a patient with an appointment has priority.

At the time of your date, you will need to provide a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash. We don’t accept Money Orders or Checks.

No, our personalized service is for self-pay patients. We don’t work with any insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare, or any thirdparty payers, but our prices are affordable for all. We are in the process of enrollment for healthcare insurance.

The echolight test does not require prior preparation.