The Discovering Us 4D and 5D ultrasound that we offer at SonoDetect is a unique and unforgettable experience for all those parents who are anxiously waiting to meet their baby and imagine every day how their little one will be, as well as the future grandparents and aunts and uncles who are so eager to welcome the new member of the family. A moment that will mark your pregnancy because it will make you feel motherhood much closer, as well as experience your first feelings as a mother.

We have a qualified and professional team

We are aware that it is possible that you will only have one 4D and 5D ultrasound in your entire life, or at least throughout your current pregnancy. For this reason, in SonoDetect we put at your disposal a team with certified technicians and highly qualified health professionals, because we want to offer future moms and dads a unique and unforgettable experience. In SonoDetect we give you the opportunity to have the first photo/video of your baby’s memory album, an ultrasound with the best definition, sharpness and soft textures. In addition, SonoDetect’s staff is certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) which through examination awards credentials in the area of ultrasound and represents the highest level in this field.

A close and friendly treatment for every mother

In our centers we consider very important the friendly and close treatment to the moms who come to visit us. For us it is essential that they feel comfortable and that their babies feel at ease, because this way they will be able to enjoy the session and their little one will be more natural and relaxed, because he is the exclusive protagonist. In each session and with each family that comes to our center, we create for them a relaxed and comfortable environment, where both you and your family and friends will feel at home. You can also enjoy the sensory experience in which the 5 senses are stimulated at the time of the session, which includes tasting chocolates, listening to the baby’s heartbeat, pleasant aromatherapy, feel the baby’s movements and of course see it in high resolution.

The Latest Technology at Your Fingertips

As a result of technological evolution in recent years, there are many centers and clinics in the USA that offer 4D and 5D ultrasounds, a technological advance that did not exist a few decades ago and that represents an important achievement in prenatal care. However, the quality of the image provided by SonoDetect to future parents has a high resolution, definition and sharpness.

In SonoDetect we offer you an advanced and innovative system, a technology that has revolutionized the 4D and 5D sonography, the LightDetection/5D technology. This system allows us to position ourselves as leaders in the field of emotional ultrasound, which is not invasive, nor will it harm you or your baby.

Ultrasounds with 4D and 5D technology will allow us to see the baby’s movements in real time. In addition, you will be able to see your baby in color, leaving behind black and white ultrasounds. An experience that our mothers and grandmothers-to-be would not have hesitated to live if they had had this opportunity. In addition, you will not feel any pain, only the excitement of seeing your baby for the first time.

Ultrasound Discovering US

The Benefits of Emotional Ultrasound

Over the years, since emotional ultrasound has become available in many countries, many articles have been published addressing the benefits and emotional usefulness to expectant parents of having a 4D and 5D ultrasound. Among them, the experience of seeing their future baby for the first time with clarity stands out, a fact that will undoubtedly increase the level of awareness of the pregnancy, as well as the emotional bond that parents feel towards the little one and the confidence during the whole gestation period, since sometimes we need to see to feel so much tenderness.  

Remember, if your baby does not let you see it because it is a little shy or is in a position that hinders the process, because sometimes it has little space in your belly and adopts positions a little convoluted. Do not worry, we know it is very important to you and we share the illusion of this special moment, we give you the opportunity to return to our center and perform the ultrasound at no cost, until you meet for the first time the face of your little one. You will not regret it!

4D/5D ultrasounds of pregnant women are considered recreational and are not covered by insurance or reviewed by a physician. No report is provided after a pregnancy ultrasound and any fetal abnormalities (if present) will not be sent to your physician. We strongly recommend consulting with your health care provider to obtain an order for a diagnostic ultrasound during your pregnancy.
Our goal is to provide and allow you and your family to share an unforgettable experience with your baby in the womb!

Since you know the great news of your pregnancy and begin the adventure to be parents, every minute becomes unique and the feelings to discover how your child will grow every day.

Surely you have wondered what it will be like, who it will look like, if you will be comfortable and safe in mommy’s belly, if you will like the music you play at home or you will be disturbed by loud noises.

Therefore, in Discovering US we invite you to perform the 4D / 5D ultrasound (not diagnostic) at different times of the gestation of your baby and many of your doubts will be clarified, you just have to decide where and how you want to see your baby the first time.

What Will We Offer?

At Discovering US we offer Sensory Ultrasound, it is a prenatal experience that stimulates the 5 senses of those future parents who want a moment of connection with their baby.

Sensory Experience:

At Discovering US you will live the unparalleled experience of connecting with your baby through the 5 senses!



Includes printed photos and unlimited access to our exclusive Online Guide: Healthy and Pregnant & Pregnant and Healthy, what you need to know for a healthy pregnancy, written by our Health Coach Ana Gabriela Adames (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach), 2023.


Includes printed photos and unlimited access to our exclusive Online Guide: Healthy and Pregnant & Pregnant and Healthy, what you need to know for a healthy pregnancy, written by our Health Coach Ana Gabriela Adames (National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach), 2023.




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