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At SonoDetect we have the service of a Health Coach!
Did you know that there are risk factors for different diseases that can be modified for prevention? Among them are diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, as well as others? Learn about this and much more with our Nutrition Health Coach (INN) and get a 25% discount with our referral!

What is a health coach?

A Health Coach is a health advisor, a person who offers you tools and guides you to gradually introduce changes in your life in terms of health and nutrition to achieve an optimal level of well-being. It takes into account the bio-individuality of people so it offers personalized programs. Because we are all different and what may work for you may not be effective for other people.

What does a Health Coach do and what does not do?

Unlike a nutritionist, a Health Coach does not diagnose, assess intakes or propose diets. A Health Coach supports the adoption of healthy habits, which include food, emotional, social, and spiritual health. It offers a personalized long-term program, in which the person evolves until he reaches his goals. The program usually lasts 6 months and is based on bi-monthly 50-minute sessions. In this way, changes are achieved that can be maintained over time.

The motto of a Health Coach is

What does a Health Coach do and what does not do?

Ana Gabriela Adames
Foreign physician and dietician, and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, with an optimistic disposition, good conflict-resolution skills, and possess the ability to effectively communicate. Demonstrated ability to build connections and trust with clients in group or individual sessions by practicing motivational interview techniques with a collaborative approach.

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